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In September, before the first snowflake fell, the "City of Lights" article was published on the Anchorage, AK Web site. Now, on February 25, with 10 hours of daylight on and what looks to be a mild breakup near, it's time to examine the summer name Anchorage many other places around the world: "City of Flowers."

Anchorage's mayor has joined the City of Flowers and the City of Lights campaigns to produce the Cleaner, Brighter, Lighter program. This year's theme for City of Flowers is "Anchorage 2000 - Celebrate your garden in a burst of bright colors."

As with the name of the winter campaign, Anchorage shares the title "City of Flowers" with several cities around the world. In this case, the list of cities for summer is even more colorful--and most of them would provide a good location for a getaway between October and March.

In the Lower-48, Berkeley, California, for example, tends to be much more moderate than Anchorage --perhaps not in politics, but certainly in terms of temperature. The other US city, Port Angeles, Washington is like Anchorage, a port town with floral pride.

In the northern hemisphere, Europe boasts Paris, which shares both "Lights" and "Flowers" with Anchorage. Amsterdam and Berne share the northern honors--though Anchorage is the northernmost City of Flowers. Europe holds an annual competition, the Entente Florale, to determine which European location best deserves the title.

Asia and the Indian sub-continent can nominate Guanzhou, China (with a population of 6.5 million!), Bangalore, India and Peshawar, Pakistan, as well as Bandung, Indonesia and Zamboanga in the Philippines.

South of the United States, Heredia, Costa Rica boasts of its beauty, as does Xalapa, Mexico. One of the most unusual cities (at least to an American, with that country's understanding of matters geographical) cities in this lineup is Joinville, Brazil, with its "strong German heritage."

For those who tire of reality, no matter how strange, a visit to Luyen, the "city of flowers and wine," in the imaginary Stornlands might be of interest. Links to a map of Stornlands and the other locations in this article are provided below.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bandung, Indonesia
Bangalore, India
Berkeley, California
Berne, Switzerland
"Entente Florale" Competition
Guanzhouu, China
Heredia, Costa Rica
Joinville, Brazil
Luyen, Stornlands
Paris, France
Peshawar, Pakistan
Port Angeles, Washington
Xalapa, Mexico
Zamboanga, Philippines

Which of its nicknames do you think suits Anchorage better? "City of Lights" or "City of Flowers"--"City of Flowers and Wine"? Let us know in the Anchorage Forum. Or write to me at




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